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Acrylic Sheets From Austria

SENOPLAST Austria - as a pioneer and technology leader in the highly complex extrusion production process, it is possible for them to constantly react to new demands from the world markets by providing innovative solutions. The SENOSAN acrylic films continue to meet the needs of current design trends and enriches the furniture markets worldwide.

The new generation scratch resistant coated acrylic films speak for themselves due to the great depth effect and improved scratch resistant which applies to all colours including the metallic colours. The major investment in a new extrusion line with in-line coating has enabled the to achieve this brilliant effect.

In order to ensure the ttried and tested SENOSAN quality, production of the high value furniture films are carried out exclusively under "clean-room" conditions. Therefore the advantages of our product over others in the market are quite clear:

* Excellent scratch resistance, scour resistance.

* No polishing required after removal of the protective film.

* Increased UV resistance and stability.

* Excellent chemical resistance.